Ugh, I think I am going to be sick...

dwight elvey dkelvey at
Mon Nov 15 14:27:42 CST 2010


> From: tshoppa at
> I generally expect a "usual distributor" (e.g. not Jameco) to
> be selling me new good stuff with paperwork and packaging 
> traceable back to the manufacturer. Jameco... well they're
> many steps up from Poly Paks in quality and customer service
> but still I order a couple of spares :-).
> Tim.

Hi Tim
 I agree about pulls, I've never had troubles with pulled parts,
like EPROMs but have had troubles with parts that are
otherwise suppose to be NOS.
 Still, a regular distributor doesn't even care many of the
parts that are no longer in production.
 My only complain with Jameco is that they don't make
the distinction between parts that are from NOS and those
that they are valid distributors for.
 At least when I go to a local surplus place, I know it is
all surplus.

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