HUGE old computer lot, maybe some gems

Teo Zenios teoz at
Sat Nov 20 13:50:53 CST 2010

Same guy posted to the VCF Forum about this. He wont ebay, craigslist is 
full of "scummy people" and "advertising costs money" so in other words he 
will pay to junk it. Could be wrong but somewhere in there he stated it was 
purchased for $4500 or something? Why do people blow that kind of money 
without a plan to profit? Sure there are some units in there worth selling, 
but that is if they are complete, cleaned up, and working otherwise they 
will go for nothing to somebody looking for parts or a project.

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> I'm reminded of a quote which talks about a millstone around some ones 
> neck.  I feel sorry for the guy.
> Zane
> At 7:12 AM -0700 11/20/10, cctech at wrote:
>>I LOL'd at most of the comments. I'd be interested in hearing how he makes 
>>out with the sale. Hopefully he finds the one or two gems in the pile and 
>>covers his costs. I bought a pallet of DEC monitors at auction many years 
>>back, and while loading it onto my truck found a NeXT monitor in the pile. 
>>Somebody gave me $100 for it which (almost) paid disposal charges for the 
>>remaining monitors (which went away a few months back.)
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