Latest eBay seller BS

joe lobocki jlobocki at
Fri Oct 1 21:44:43 CDT 2010

well, lets see. i have been using ebay since before i was 18, even
though it was against TOS, and had to pay in cash, back when you
could, so since about 2000. i have seen the system evolve greatly. i
normally use buy it now to purchase things, about 99.99% of my
purchases are buy it now. i will admit, i have bid sniped quite a few
times, but i keep it to a minimum. i only snipe within the max im
willing to spend, as i have been burned and had to pay outrageous
ammounts before. ebay buyer protection is a double edged sword.
example, i once bought a vintage mac, to find the seller removed the
stains on it by washing it in acetone. i tried to file a complaint,
they wanted me to send it back, shipping not refundable. it wouldve
cost me more to send back than it cost me for the item. basically,
sellers can send you trash, but you could send it back and get back
less than the original cost. but i think they may have fixed that.
ebay has also turned into a place of unrealistic values for old
equipment, where people demand 10x reasonable value for an item and
justify it by labeling it "vintage" or "retro" when it is something
under 20 years old and was made in mass production. i do feel removing
sellers rights to negative feedback was a good idea, as in the day ii
ran across a few sellers who were running scams, and listed in their
profile "i leave negative feedback for negative feedback" or the real
world equivalent of "if you tell what im doing, ill tell the world you
are dealing coke out of your family's home" but at the same time it
makes it hard for sellers to deal with abusive or scam buyers, like
the time ii sold a PBX card in working order, had a dealer buy it for
less than his retail, and sent me a bad card back which was physically
different than the one i sold him, ebay attempted to take the money
back, could only take so much before my bank told them no, so he left
me negative feedback, but i was able to leave it for him as well.

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