Evolution of the Apple Mouse

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 15:15:41 CDT 2010

> Look at "GPM."  It's been available for Linux "forever" (at least since 
> the days of 2.0.x kernel-based distributions), and lets you use a mouse 

Actually, that's not 'forever' enough for my system...

> You should be able to use it with an PC "serial mouse" or "bus mouse" on 
> your hacked-up PC/AT.  (I'm sure you at least have some serial ports on 
> the box even if you don't have a free ISA slot to shove a bus mouse card 
> into. :)

Actually, I am short of serial ports. I have 2, one is used for the 
printer (Apple LW2NT), the other for either the modem or whatever I want 
to link to the machine (like my HP handhelds, EPROM programmer, etc). And 
yes, I am out of ISA slots too...


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