Sparcstation Voyager media?

Ian King IanK at
Mon Oct 4 15:48:33 CDT 2010

Hey folks,

This is a question about a piece I have in my personal collection: a Sparcstation SS240 Voyager.  It's a sun4m architecture luggable workstation with an LCD screen.  The whole thing fits into a large shoulder bag - large enough it wouldn't be accepted for carryon luggage.  It's cute, and it runs (after I replaced the NVRAM chip).

When I got it, the machine had been set up with NetBSD, but being the masochistic sort I am I wanted to restore it to its original software.  It just so happens I had Solaris 2.6 and gave it a crack.  Solaris starts up just fine, but the device won't go into CDE, claiming that it can't find the framebuffer driver.

Looking at the firmware, I see that it identifies a device called bwthree.  Solaris 2.6 has a driver for bwtwo, but I've been unable to find a bwthree anywhere.  (Google gives me pages and pages of "BW3," refusing to believe I want what I typed.  Sometimes software is too helpful.)

The original documentation for the Voyager describes custom install media - which presumably includes this driver.  Does anyone happen to have such a CDROM?  Can you confirm for me that there is in fact a driver so named?  And if you have a running Voyager, is that what's in your /platform/kernel/drv directory?

Otherwise, I guess I could just run NetBSD, but it's just not as fun.  :)  Thanks - Ian

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