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Rich Alderson [RichA at vulcan.com] wrote:
> From: Ethan Dicks
> Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 1:35 PM
> On 10/5/10, Rich Alderson <RichA at vulcan.com> wrote:
>>>> How bizarre - 110VAC at 50Hz.  Must have been intended to be run
>>>> off of a step-down transformer.
>>> What's bizarre about it?  It's being sold in Germany.  DEC sold a
>>> lot of gear that would run 50Hz (most of the world) or 60Hz (US and
>>> Japan).
>> Because it's 110VAC/50Hz,  not 220VAC/50Hz.
>> I know it's being sold in Germany - the 50Hz is not odd there, the
>> 110VAC is.
> Oops.
> 1 huge latte isn't enough, I guess.
> Thanks for pointing this out so gently.  Now I'm pulling the covers
> back over my head. 

I can't speak for Germany but in the UK 110V/50Hz is often used in
and building sites etc. (on building sites look for those
yellow transformer boxes).

Not that I'd necessarily expect to see a TU55 on a building site (or
even on
a factory floor) but the voltage/frequency combination is not actually

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