EPAY DEC Qbus Z-80

Shoppa, Tim tshoppa at wmata.com
Wed Oct 6 12:14:26 CDT 2010

Steve asks:
> With my limited exposure to the DEC/PDP stuff, this looks strange... 
> Z-80 chips on a QBus card?    Is it noteworthy?  worth bidding on? 
> unusual?   just plain junk? What would it work with/in /on?
> item no 250693741192

These were circa early 80's and this board was 4 CP/M systems.
I think there were single and double boards too.

There were some bizarre hooks between the CP/M BIOS and the Unibus
(usually VAX/VMS... but there may have been others) filesystems
that I never really grokked. The relationship to VMS printers was
more straightforward. But yeah, you need some specialized
drivers etc. probably not updated since VMS 3.x to use this.

We had these in the 80's and the secretaries would connect to
the VAX, then connect to the embedded CP/M system, and edit
files using CP/M word processor, then print to printers on the VAX.

Pretty convoluted. Later on the same secretaries used an emulated IBM PC inside the VAX.


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