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Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Wed Oct 6 21:33:43 CDT 2010

> > 20 years ago, StereoGraphics in San Rafael was NOT getting rich on their
> > "Crystal Eyes" LCD shutter glasses.  They were using SGI workstations at
> Around then (I think it was 1988)(, I got to try a 3D imaging system 
> using LCD shutter spectacles. The flicker drove me mad (it was very 
> noticeable), no way could I have worked with that for very long. I 
> assume they've increased the frame rate by now.

I'm sensitive to any refresh rate under 85Hz (even 72 and 75 give me
eyestrain after awhile), so I've assiduously avoided any spectacle-based
3D. The lenticular methods look interesting, but I'm reserving judgment.

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