at&t unix pc

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Oct 11 17:28:32 CDT 2010

On 10/11/10, Eric Smith <eric at> wrote:
> Ethan Dicks wrote about the AT&T Unix PC (7300 or 3B1):
>> I don't presently have one, but if I do ever run across one, I'd want
>> to make sure I had a "StarLAN" card (1Base5, for the pedants in the
>> crowd) - I even have a few official StarLAN transceivers and such -
>> they work fine on a 10BaseT network.
> StarLAN does *NOT* operate on a 10BaseT network.  The signalling is
> similar, but the data rate is 1 Mbps rather than 10 Mbps.

Apologies for any ambiguity, but to be clear, the genuine StarLAN
transceivers I have are working fine on my 10BaseT network at 10Mbps,
not 1Mbps.  I was not trying to suggest you could plug a true 1Base5
StarLAN network directly into a 10BaseT network.

Is it possible that different kinds of devices were all badged "StarLAN"?


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