at&t unix pc

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Oct 12 13:50:00 CDT 2010

[Unix PC schematics, etc, book]

> > Ok, I'm open to suggestions.  I have a scanner and can produce PDFs,
> > but it would be a lot of pages.  It would also take me some time,
> > which is fine.  Honestly, I've gotten so much out of this list and the
> > discussions that, if I can give something back, that would make me
> > happy.  What's the procedure for doing this?  Do I just give the PDFs
> > I produce to bitsavers?
>    I for one would thank you wholeheartedly.

So would I, and I don't own a UnixPC. Reading old technical manuals is 
very interesting for me.

And maybe one day I'll find such a machine, but they are very rare in the 
UK, and for various reasons I can't spend much money on classic computers 
at the momnet. But things can change...


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