Oldest original proper computer (stored program etc)

Christian Corti cc at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Sun Oct 17 08:15:34 CDT 2010

On Sat, 16 Oct 2010, Roger Holmes wrote:
> don't believe its true, I was told my machine is currently the oldest 
> original working computer. Not counting replicas or machines which don't 
> have stored programs. My machine was installed in 1962 (and designed in 
> the late 1950s).

Then you've been told wrong.
Several examples:
- Our LGP-30 ser.no. 4, built 1958, still working with peripherals. Just
   yesterday I've had a group of visitors. It's been designed around 1954.
- The IBM 650 of the IBM Museum in Sindelfingen (working)
- The Zuse Z22 ser.no. 13 in Karlsruhe, also built around 1958 (apparently
   still working, although the ZKM is not the right place for it IMHO)
All are original first generation machines, and all of them are in 
southern Germany.

> restored was first installed in 1964. Are there other? I'm not counting 
> the Zuse in Germany as its not a stored program machine, and anyway I'm 
> not sure if it is a replica or the original. It is surprising if it 
> survived the extensive bombing by the USAF and RAF during WW2 unless it 
> was stored in a bunker/cave/mine.

What Zuse are you talking about? The Z3 has been destroyed, yes, and 
rebuilt by Zuse in 1962.


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