Xerox Alto on ebay (not mine!)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Sun Oct 17 19:37:44 CDT 2010

> I think most museums (not just computer-related) could do a lot better in
> acting as intermediaries between people who need to "dispose" of items and
> those who might want what they have - the museum attitude a lot of the time
> is "we don't want that, so we don't care what you do with it," when it's not
> really much more effort to say "we don't want it, but we recognise that
> these things won't be around forever, and so therefore you could ask here
> and here and here..."
> It's not about doing the work of actually finding a home for it, but more
> about suggesting places / individuals who might be interested, based upon
> experience of the item being offered.

Keep in mind there are some ethical issues that start to creep in here
that can really complicate things.

And where there are ethical issues, there are jerks that have bent
these issues and seemingly ruin it for everyone.


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