Xerox Alto on ebay (not mine!)

Ken Seefried ken at
Sun Oct 17 20:47:43 CDT 2010

>(I often think that the downside of ebay is that an item goes to the person > with the deepest pockets, and they're not necessarily the best person to treat > an item nicely)>> >> So eBay is precisely like every other market on the planet.>> >> Shocking. <rolls eyes>><rolls eyes back> I don't think that I claimed that it wasn't. My point was >that it often has a downside when it comes to getting items to people who are >best capable of preserving them for future generations.

My appologies, Jules. 

I had taken your comment as Yet Another instance of the weekly "eBay sucks because people pay more than I would and, as a special snowflake Classic Computer person, I'm an authority and anyone who pays more than I would is an idiot" thread, when in reality it was Yet Another instance of the weekly "eBay sucks because anyone who outbids me is certainly almost possibly definately as far as I'm concerned, as a Special Snowflake classic computer person, unworthy to own it" thread. I sometimes lack the patience to keep track of the multitude of ways that list members condescend to the world at large.

My bad. 

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