Nuclear Data ND 6600

Richard legalize at
Mon Oct 18 15:34:15 CDT 2010

The Nuclear Data ND 6600 was some sort of laboratory PDP-11 setup.  I
have a terminal from such a system (very nice green keyboard).  I'll
upload some pics this week.

However, while I was packing up the stuff I bought at the vendor's
store, I saw that he had the rest of the system and not just the one
terminal.  Looks like a couple other terminals, some
characteristically PDP-11 enclosure boxes (2x floppies, some other
stuff, power enclosure).  It looks like this stuff was meant to be
rack mounted, except for the terminals, because there's no typical DEC
enclosure like I would expect.

Googling doesn't turn up anything useful except the usual firewalled
citations from IEEE and ACM journals containing product announcements.

Does anyone know more about these systems?  From the descriptions that
leak through google, it appears that it might have had some graphics
capability and that interests me quite a bit.  I couldn't look at the
system close up because it was on a huge pile of stuff and I didn't
have time to dig it out.
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