Mac Classic near death... or at least an OOBE...

Liam Proven lproven at
Tue Oct 19 14:37:16 CDT 2010

On 16 October 2010 22:42, Roger Merchberger <zmerch-cctalk at> wrote:
> So, there's a Mac Classic that was dropped off at my friends' store
> (otherwise headed for the skip/dumpster) and I "rescued" it. Yes, I used
> quotes, as there was this "weird" bright yellow and purple goo emanating
> from the unit.
> Thinking something completely odd was spilled *into* the unit, I took it
> apart to find the damage. Turns out, the PRAM battery was in such bad shape
> that it was the source of both the purple (rust & other dissolved metals)
> and yellow (still not sure what that is) goo.
> I had to pry the motherboard out of the unit (slightly destructively) due to
> the corrosion on the rails on one side of the motherboard rails just to
> remove the motherboard. Whatever was bent can be unbent, but will need a
> *lot* of cleaning to refurbish.
> The contacts for the PRAM battery were completely gone on the (+) side, and
> gosh-darned near gone on the (-) side (enough so that it couldn't be
> repaired). I removed the PRAM battery & holder (with a pair of pliers as it
> was also damaged to an unrepairable state).
> That said, what do I actually do with the thing? My idea: Disassemble the
> unit and turn it into a 68K "microcontroller" trainer unit with a
> recent(ish) Flash ROM and Static RAM. Yes, I have the technology to build
> that. Or... back to the original destination (bad).
> Anyone want it for price of shipping?
> And yes, for those "keeping score" I have now built a "Mac Cracker." Do I
> get a prize for being the "Last Geek Ever" to build one? ;-)
> Laterz,
> "Merch"


TBH, the Classic was a bit of a "road apple" when it worked fine.

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