Moving House - Need to downsize

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Thu Oct 21 13:12:03 CDT 2010


I am moving to a smaller place and need to off-load some bits I am not
going to have space for.

An Octane (works but case in a bad shape) dual processor sse graphics
it had 1gb of memory but some was bad, I think it's 768mb
A  Sun Blade 2000 Dual processors with 1gb memory and 18gb drive.
2 rack mount sparc machines with 2xmachines in each unit (Non sun) I
think they are 500mhz and 1gb memory
A Dell Itanium rack mount machine which won't run VMS. I
Vax 4000/90 with a non working PSU
A non working ex-millitary oscilloscope
I need to check but a number of vt220 terminals with keyboards.

I'm sure these will be popular:  I have 8x big heavy drive DSSI drive
units. They have not been powered up for a few years. They have
scsi-->dssi convertor cards in them. They currently have 1GB and 2GB
full height drive units in them. But they can take up to 9GB.
I also have cabling which I have to sort out mainly for SUN and DEC. I
have all the cabling for the dssi drives and a lot of monitor and
other cables for Vaxstation 3100's.

I am based in Central London and all of the machines are too heavy for
me to ship. But let me know I'm sure we can work something out.

These are available for free, but as at the moment the only machines I
am keeping (or allowed to keep) are my RM machines I am interested in
any cables software and monitors for 380Z, 480Z and early PC's
I am going to be quite busy all over the weekend, so I may not get a
chance to reply until monday.


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