Apple IIa

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I have told him there is no such thing as a IIa (unless it is some sort of
clone). I have asked him to check again and I have also asked him for a
picture of the machine.



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> He is probably thinking of a II+. There is no such machine as the IIa.
> was, however, the II, II+, IIc, IIe, and the IIgs.
> A true, original II (no plus) is pretty valuable, in that it's the first
of the line,
> and they're fairly rare. The II+, which has the exact same case,
> (different ROMs), etc - but with a badge reading "Apple ][ Plus", is a
> common machine, but is generally harder to find than the IIe.
> The IIe comes in two flavors - beige and "platinum". The platinum version
> a numeric keypad. Both of these machines are EXTREMELY common - at one
> point just about every school had forty of these things. They're worth
> ten bucks.
> The IIc is a small, compact machine with a built-in floppy drive. It's
> common as well.
> The IIgs is a 16 bit machine, and is a box with a detached ADB keyboard.
> These are very common too, and usually not worth anything unless they've
> got some third-party upgrades like an accellerator, a SCSI controller, or
> something like that.
> You may, however, have some kind of clone machine - there were lots - and
> they usually looked just like the real thing. Those are interesting to
> that are in to that sort of thing.
> The Apple II series was and still is very popular. There are lots of
people out
> there, such as myself, that still regularly tinker and hack on these
> building hardware and writing software. If you have a good clean working
> machine, you should have no problem finding a home for it. Apple II's
> without school names engraved into them are nice to find :)
> -Ian

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