Chip Packaging (was Happy Birthday VAX)

Rick Bensene rickb at
Wed Oct 27 08:53:54 CDT 2010

Mitsubishi had some large-scale(for the time) ICs packaged as flatpack
ceramic packages with 48 pins at a pitch smaller than 0.1" back in
1970/1971 timeframe.  The chipset was used in calculators, specifically
the Denon DEC-311 (an unusual calculator that didn't support division),
as the MA8011/8012/8013.   The socketing for the chips was quite
As mentioned by an earlier poster, the Japanese did seem to have an
advantage in higher-density packaging over the US and others for a
period of time in the 1970's.

Earlier yet, in 1965-ish timeframe, General Micro-Electronics built a
large-scale chipset for Victor's 3900 calculator that utilized round
ceramic flat-pack devices with 22 leads.  Not quite at the level of a
68000 in terms of pincount, but still pretty amazing for the time.
Getting the packaging right was a huge undertaking at that time. (a draft, not yet completed).

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Museum

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