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> The Nuclear Data ND 6600 was some sort of laboratory PDP-11 setup.  I
> have a terminal from such a system (very nice green keyboard).  I'll
> upload some pics this week.

I'm away from my camera, so pics will have to wait until this evening
or the weekend.

However, I opened the case and was very surprised with what I found
inside the terminal.

Its basically an empty box!

The most recent date code we could find was late 1978 and that was on
some logic chips on the keyboard assembly.  As near as I can tell, the
keyboard is the smartest thing in the enclosure :-).  There is a long
ribbon cable coming from the keyboard and the video section is wired
to what looks like an RS-232 connector on the rear (obviously it is
not RS-232, but it is one of those DB-25 style connectors).  My guess
is that the main Nuclear Data box generates video and receives either
parallel or serial keycodes from the keyboard.

So, in order to get this terminal working I'm obviously going to need
the rest of the system...
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