TRS-80 Model II Manuals

Nathan Pralle nathan at
Fri Oct 29 12:27:36 CDT 2010

Thanks to the ever-useful JP Hindin, I've obtained a set of TRS-DOS 
disks and other application disks for my TRS-80 Model II system, which 
is the entire setup pictured here, plus a bit more:

It's been sitting, covered, pretty much since I obtained it, but now I 
can try reviving it and actually seeing what it can do.   I'm going to 
tear into it and clean the drives and so forth, document what it has, 
etc. and then boot 'er up and see what we can see.

I'm looking for a copy of the Technical Ref manual for it; despite 
finding scans of the covers and so forth online, I'm unable to actually 
locate one.   In addition to that, if someone has a Shugart 8" Service 
Manual, that might come in damned handy for making sure those are up to 
speed as well.

Many thanks,



Nathan Pralle, Computer Geek
Email:   nathan at

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