TRS-80 Model II Manuals

Fred Jan Kraan fjkraan at
Sat Oct 30 13:05:06 CDT 2010

Thanks to the ever-useful JP Hindin, I've obtained a set of TRS-DOS
> disks and other application disks for my TRS-80 Model II system, which
> is the entire setup pictured here, plus a bit more:
> It's been sitting, covered, pretty much since I obtained it, but now I
> can try reviving it and actually seeing what it can do.   I'm going to
> tear into it and clean the drives and so forth, document what it has,
> etc. and then boot 'er up and see what we can see.
> I'm looking for a copy of the Technical Ref manual for it; despite
> finding scans of the covers and so forth online, I'm unable to actually
> locate one.   In addition to that, if someone has a Shugart 8" Service
> Manual, that might come in damned handy for making sure those are up to
> speed as well.
The Shugart stuff should be included.

Essential this is from a modified copy of the files that were available 
from (copied without permission).
> Many thanks,
> Nathan

Fred Jan

P.S. My own adventures with the Model II:

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