Wanted : Monitor Capable of TTL RGB

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 30 15:48:01 CDT 2010

> On 30/10/10 03:08, Dan Williams wrote:
> > I am on the lookout for a monitor something similar to a Phillips
> > cm3388 does anyone near London have one they would like to sell or
> > trade, or know of anywhere I could get one.
> Surely you mean the CM8833?
> Those were fairly extensively re-badged -- Acorn, for instance, sold a=20
> variant of the CM8833 Mk.II as the AKF17.

Is  CM8833 a TTL-input monitor? I think it was available as an option, 
but most of them take analogue RGB on the SCART socket. 

Most of the time the SCART inputs, for all they're supposed to be 1V will 
stand TTL (the CM8833 ones certainly will). Or since they're terminated 
to ground through a 75 ohm resistor, connect a 300 Ohm (or so) resistor 
in series with each TTL signal. Done that many times :-)

Is there any reason a TV with a SCART socket isn't suitable? Most, if not 
all, LCD and plasma TVs should haev RGB inputs on the SCART socket, for 


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