Need to find parts 82S23 / 74S188

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Oct 31 13:50:12 CDT 2010

> > I have the Nat Semi DM74LS471 on the device list of my programmer, but
> > not the SN74S471.  Any chance the programming algorithms are the same?
> They probably are.  Somewhere in the history of TI part numbers, they 
> changed some of the bipolar memories from the SN74xxx part number to 
> TBPxxx.  I can't recall which way my parts are labeled, but they're 
> 471s under the hood.

But I didn't think the National (DM74xxx) and Texas (SN74xxx) programming 
algorithms were the same. I also seem to remember that at least one 
manufactuerer changed the programming algorithm for their fusible link 
pats at one point, probably accompanied by a change in part number. They 
all read the same way, of course.


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