[OT]? Sun Ultra 60

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Sun Oct 31 16:24:13 CDT 2010

On 10/31/10 4:49 PM, Alexandre Souza - Listas wrote:
>> Certainly a good point. I'd not draw that line at the Ultra60, though,
>> because (as you know) they can be reasonably zippy if
>> well-provisioned. Ultra30s, Ultra1s, the previous 32-bit SPARCs,
>> definitely. (NetBSD hauls ass on those!)
> And mine would zip even more with 450MHz processors and more memory :o)
> :o) :o)

   Yes.  For real-world workloads, they're about the equivalent of maybe 
1-1.2GHz x86 CPUs.

>>> For the past few years I've typically run
>>> Solaris 8 at home, though I have Solaris 10 on the SunBlade 1000.
> I'm curious to see solaris working (and it may even be installed on it).
> What version of Solaris would be well suited for this machine, providing
> I want to do something with it (maybe file serving, web browsing, crazy
> penetration tests, whatever)?

   I'd recommend sticking with the latest, Solaris 10, 9/10 release. 
That machine will run it happily, and you'll be running cutting-edge, 
extremely high-tech UNIX.

   These machines are much better at being servers than at being 
workstations, but you'll do fine.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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