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jim s jws at jwsss.com
Sun Sep 5 12:05:09 CDT 2010

  I have a Microdata 1600 emulator, and a friend's Microdata 32/s emulator.

1600 emulator runs firmware, the 32/s emulator runs a software emulation 
which ran on the Microdata 3200, not the general machine.

Software and firmware remain to be cleard to be shared.  If any is saved 
it would be interesting to hear from anyone as well as where they got 
their copies.

Jim Stephens

On 9/5/2010 9:22 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
> On 9/4/10 2:15 PM, Michael Kerpan wrote:
>>  a lot of early IBM stuff (360 and early 370
>> era)
> 360 is not early. Actually, the pre unbundling 360
> OS releases appear to be lost. Most of the work on
> Hercules is really in the 370 era.
> There has been some work on 7090 and earlier systems.
> IBSYS and CTSS are reported to be running. There are
> two people working on 50's IBM simulators, one who is
> trying to integrated his changes into SIMH, and another
> who is working on a lot of the other systems, including
> Stretch. I had been providing him listings of the Stretch
> diagnostic listings, but haven't heard of any progress in
> a couple of years.
> There are several early system simulators hiding in
> MESS, including the PDP-1, TX-0, as well as the TI 990-10
> SIMH is where most of the work on minis has been occurring,
> with the exception of the PDP-8, where there are lots of
> independent projects.
> SIMH could use a lot more help in the mini and mainframe area.
> There are several simulators that Bob started (SDS 940 and Sigma)
> that have stalled because he doesn't have time to work on them.
> Rob Kolstad was working on a G-15 simulator in 2008
> http://ed-thelen.org/comp-hist/g-15.html
> Brad Parker has several lisp machine simulators running
> Leif Harcke wrote a Univac 1103A simulator
> An MIT Whirlwind simulator should be possible. CHM has several hundred
> paper tapes from the system and pretty complete documentation. Same is
> true for the Autonetics Recomp-II
> Someone started a simulator for the Oregon Open-Shop timesharing system
> but I haven't heard about any progress in about 10 years.
> Adrian Wise wrote a Honeywell H-516 simulator
> http://www.series16.adrianwise.co.uk/

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