Exploring the world of minis and mainframes...

Andy Holt andyh at andyh-rayleigh.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Sep 5 14:30:17 CDT 2010


While I never worked on a Multics system, I spent a few years working 
on a couple DPS-8 Mainframes running GCOS-8.  The main CPU is just a 
tiny part of the system.

Tell me about it :-)
Very impressive engineers "blinkenlites" inside the doors of each of the
system cabinets. Even more fun learning how to start the system up than the
preceding 1905E.
For the seven years that our University possessed a dual Level 66/60 system
I was in effective charge of our systems team. I was the only one who wrote
anything in GMAP (three key OS modules had to be in that assembler and were
site specific) all our other systems programming was dome in B (and perhaps
some Fortran which isn't really that different :-)
The biggest pain was the dn355(?) communications processor, but I had
delegated that to one of my senior programmers (as he had been responsible
for the Digico Micro-16 that had performed the same function on the ICL 1900
system that preceded the Honeywell.
Unfortunately, I have very little documentation remaining from the L66 -
possibly just the pocketbook (the IBM green card hides in shame in


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