source for large capacity electrolytics

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Wed Sep 8 13:02:24 CDT 2010

On 2010 Sep 8, at 1:01 AM, r.stricklin wrote:

> The 5V rail in my Sun 2/120's PSU recently failed suddenly while the 
> system was running. No pop, but the rail measures out around 2.5VDC. I 
> believe I have tracked the fault down to one of a pair of 26000uF 
> electrolytics which are in parallel across the 5V output studs. These 
> are screw-lead, rated for 7.5V (12V surge), 85 deg. C, -10 +75% tol. 
> They are 1.375" dia, and 2.125" tall. Mechanically, there is no room 
> for anything even slighlty larger.
> Mouser stocks a part which is physically too tall---at 3.125", too 
> tall by an inch. This is a 10V (12V surge) part. They also stock a 50V 
> part from a different manufacturer which is even taller (>4"). There 
> are 10V (12V surge) parts that fit, but have too low a capacitance 
> (18000uF). There are 7.5V (9V surge) parts which will fit, but have 
> too high a capacitance (49000uF), and I'm not totally sure how to be 
> certain that a 9V surge rating is adequate in this application.

How about using just one of those new 49000 uF units to replace both of 
the 26000 uF units (*2=52000 uF)? The 3000 uF diff isn't likely to 
matter, but it can be buffed up with a little 3000 uF cap in parallel 
if you feel compelled.

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