source for large capacity electrolytics

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Sep 8 16:30:48 CDT 2010

> How about using just one of those new 49000 uF units to replace both of 
> the 26000 uF units (*2=52000 uF)? The 3000 uF diff isn't likely to 
> matter, but it can be buffed up with a little 3000 uF cap in parallel 
> if you feel compelled.

I wouldn't think that 3000uF was necessary. Aluminium electrolytics are 
wide-tolerance devices at best, so that 49000 may be way off anyway (why 
isn't it a 47000, which is a prefered value, I wonder...)

Which reminds me of what I call the 'silly capacitors' in HP machines. 
Things like 8100uF (why not 8200uF), 21000uF (why not 22000uF), and the 
classic of a PSU with both 5600uF and 6000uF devices on the same PCB...


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