Microwriter MW4 help

John S john_a_s2004 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 8 15:40:20 CDT 2010

>> I recently obtained a Microwriter with an LCD display. 
>> Else it may be faulty
>> I found Tony's post from 2009 asking for a 'good' EPROM image maybe 
>> mine is failing in a similar way.

Tony wrote:
> FWIW, I am still stuck... I am pretty sure the Firmware EPROM in mine is 
> corrupted, some 'chords' do not produce the characters I would expect 

My one can generate all the letters, numbers and punctuation marks so fingers crossed the EPROM is OK.

> IIRC, the EPROM is a 25C64 (which is slightly different to the more common 
> 27C64). If you have a programmer capable of reading out that device, it 
> would be interesting to compare the ROM in mine with it.

OK, I'll try and read the EPROM. This might take me some time, but I am keen to 
do it as there is very little technical stuff about the MW4 on line.

I might try and disassemble the code too (but I don't think IDA has a 1802 option!)


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