Microwriter MW4 help

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 9 13:10:30 CDT 2010

> >> I recently obtained a Microwriter with an LCD display.=20
> >>=20
> >> Else it may be faulty
> >> I found Tony's post from 2009 asking for a 'good' EPROM image maybe=20
> >> mine is failing in a similar way.
> Tony wrote:
> > FWIW=2C I am still stuck... I am pretty sure the Firmware EPROM in mine i=
> s=20
> > corrupted=2C some 'chords' do not produce the characters I would expect=20
> My one can generate all the letters=2C numbers and punctuation marks so fin=
> gers crossed the EPROM is OK.

Excellent. If you ever do manage to read it out, I would be interested in 
a copy...

> OK=2C I'll try and read the EPROM. This might take me some time=2C but I am=
>  keen to=20

Certainly no hurry this end. I have (literally) hundreds of projects to 
be going on with...

> do it as there is very little technical stuff about the MW4 on line. 

I can supply a reverse-engineered schematic of the MW4 if you want it. 
Alas  I don't ahve  scanner, so I would have to send you it on paper..

> I might try and disassemble the code too (but I don't think IDA has a 1802 =
> option!)

I have the 1820 instruction set description, etc, if you need that. 
Writing a simple disassembler (i.e. one that doesn't try to make any 
sense of the code it's disassembling) is a fairly easy task, even I can 
manage it, and I'm no programmer.


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