Help Identifying this Engineering/Mainframe panel

Andy Holt andyh at
Thu Sep 9 09:57:17 CDT 2010

>   Ok I am stumped, I just acquired what I believe to be a
> Engineering/Mainframe Control Panel, but I can't find a model number,
> manufacture or any documentation on it. Anyone recognize this panel, or
> what it might have be used on?
> ash2/hs303.ash2/58384_429250116851_530841851_5533769_6685015_n.jpg

It appears to be from the family of machines that originated with the GE535
(and GE 645 original Multics), became Honeywell 600 series, became Honeywell
6000 series, became Honeywell Level 66, became Bull DPS8.
I can be confident of that much.

It is almost identical to the CPU control panel from the Level-66 machines I
remember except that ISTR they were black not white. 
With a better photo (higher resolution) I could confirm that it was a CPU
panel, but probably not the model number as several models shared the same
control panel.

I see on
that the CPU panel for a 6180 (Multics) looks very similar, possibly


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