Help Identifying this Engineering/Mainframe panel

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Fri Sep 10 09:24:29 CDT 2010

> Excuse the french, but where the heck did you find that? That is a
> museum piece.

I think this panel used to belong to a friend of mine, Marty, who a
few month back, fell to cancer. He lived in Atlanta - thus my
(unanswered) question about where it came from. I would be very
pleased if this was indeed his panel, as it would mean that his estate
may be being handled properly.

The older ham radio crowd can be very dense when it comes to the value
of old computers (sometimes I think they *want* old computers to be
worthless), so hopefully the guys dealing or advising Marty's estate
are a little more on the ball. Not trashing this panel is a good sign.
Hopefully they did not sell it to you for ten bucks.

Marty collected all sorts of things, mostly ham radios, but with a few
other goodies. He was an early Sun employee, and had a good pile of
old Suns, with probably more Sun-1 equipment that anyone on the
planet. I am hoping that the estate people have figured this out -
those machines are probably worth more than his entire radio

Anyway, I remember his panel, and neither of us could make out what
machine it was from. He valued it highly.


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