How to repair Tektronix 4696 inkjet and what to use for the cleaner fluid cartridge?

Ry May rmay635703a at
Tue Sep 14 18:39:31 CDT 2010

The maintenance fluid is sucked in each time you turn the printer on and expelled at some point.  Basically the print heads sit in a bath of it while not doing anything or while at the carriage return position,  the printer draws the maintenance fluid from the cartridge (which is a plastic bag) and expells it into the same container but on the outside of the plastic bag, one instruction warned not to turn the printer on and off too much and I found out the hard way why as a bunch of colorfull maintenance fluid spilled all over the table.

My main interest was figuring out how to dissassemble the machine, at one point there was a maintenance manual for the 4695, sadly the archive that had it didn't seem to want to put it up for download.



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