Mass spectrometers etc

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Wed Sep 15 08:22:03 CDT 2010


> From: ard at
> > >Oh, I have one, but it's only a little 1cm radius one, designed mainly
> > >for detecting the helium peak when looking for leaks. What I don't have is
> > >a suitable vacuum pump (yet...)
> > >
> > 
> > You might be interested in this site (sorry it's a Web site with
> > pictures and so on, some of it will probably be readable using Lynx, and
> > it's in French to boot, I'm sure it would interest you however):
> >
> Thanks, I will take a look... I am sure I can find some way to view it...
> > 
> > He makes his own triode valves (or tubes, for those of us who speak the
> > other language known as English ;-) ) and in order to do that he has
> > designed and built among other things his own high vacuum pumps. I'm
> > sure you would be able to make one like his.
> That sounds like fun :-). I've been re-reading 'Instrumnts of 
> Amplification' recently, but in that book, the author bought a 
> second-hand rotary vacuum pump (which doesn't really give a hard enough 
> vaduum anyway...)
> -tony

 You need to find a diffussion pump. These will get you down to
10-6 torr without traps. With traps, you can reach 10-9. Of course,
if you have a high speed turbo pump, you can do similar but these
are real expensive, even used. Most diffussion pumps can be had
for scrap value, used.

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