Amstrad PPC640D available Cheltenham UK

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Sep 15 14:23:49 CDT 2010

> All,
> I have an Amstrad PPC640D with original box that I would like to pass
> on to someone.

Ah ues, the only laptop I've ever seen that's wider than a PDP11 (I am 
not joking)

> These are reasonably common and not that rare. It makes a great low
> power terminal (LCD screen) and real serial port, but that is about
> all I can say in it's favor.

I actually use one for aligning disk drives. I have the single-drive 
model, and I added a DC37 connector on the blanking plate for rhe second 
drive so as to be able cable up the drive I am testing. I have a thing 
called 'Microtest' which is an ADC box and special software. The ADC unit 
links ot the seiral port and has test leads you connec to the drive under 
test, the software runs on any PC compatible, even an XT, so it'll run on 
the Amstrad PPC.

I have the programmer's reference and service manuals for it, thankfully. 
Many of the ASICs are the same as ones used in Amstrad desktop machines. 


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