Cleaning floppy drives

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Sep 15 14:11:56 CDT 2010

> Seconded (for what it's worth) - that's my approach, and I've never damaged a 
> drive that way either. Sometimes the hub area attracts crud and can use a 
> clean too. Some drives are better than others when it comes to access to the 
> heads...

In som,e cases the slide rails that the heads run on need clenaing too. 
It's wlaso worth cleaning the dust out of any optical sensorts (track 0, 
write protect). In the case of Sony 3.5" full-height drives, it's 
_essential_ to strip down the eject mechanism and clean off the hardened 
grease. Not doing this can cause hte upper head to get ripped off when 
you eject a disk!

Not what hte OP was sksing, but quite often I totally strip down the 
drives in a newly-acquired machine and clean all the parts separtely. 
Only do this if you have the alignemtn disks and know how to use them!. A 
hint here is to assume the drive was aligned at the start, and mark the 
positions of the stepper motor, trakc 0 sensor, etc before taking them 
apart. Assuming the steper works, before dismanyling, use an exerciser to 
go to track 0 and measure the clearance between the head carriage and 
some bit of th chassis with feeler gauges. This is not accurate enough to 
avoid the need to do an alignment, but it will mean that when you put the 
CE disk in, you are close enough to see the pattern.


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