Help resurrect my Xerox Alto

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Sep 16 14:05:57 CDT 2010

> I have experience with RK05s too (and used to own a Diablo 30/RK03
> until it got coated in a flood, but that's another story) and I agree
> they are quite robust.
> Perhaps they had issues with the retraction batteries or with
> dirty/missing filters?

What retrcation battery (in a Diablo Model 30)? This drive has a head 
load solenoid (!) which when enrgised allows the heads to come towards 
the disk and fly. When it'as not powered, the heads are mechanically 
lifted off the disk (althoghh they may not be in the home position).

Other oddities of this drive are that the blower fan is driven by the 
spidnle motor and the head positioner is a pemanent magnet motor and IIRC 
a rack-and-pinion mechanism.

I agree, though, that dirty filters will cause problems in these drives 
(as with all other demountable hard disks).


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