Unknown MicroVAX 2000 Board

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Sun Sep 19 06:08:59 CDT 2010

  Rob Jarratt wrote:
 > I recently acquired a couple of MicroVAX 2000s. One of them has this 
 > in it [...] I don't know what this board is but it connects by two 
ribbon cables to
 > connectors on the main board. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Since it has the AMD Am7990 (DEC 21-21672-07) "LANCE" Ethernet MAC and 
what appears to be an AMD Am7992 Ethernet transceiver (obscured by 
rework), it seems likely that it is the optional DESVA Ethernet 
interface module (installed as standard on VAXstation 2000).  Note that 
the presence of an Ethernet connector on the KA410 main logic board 
doesn't mean that the machine has Ethernet; they just put the connector 
there but the necessary electronics is all on the separate module.


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