WTD: Clarion/JPI TopSpeed C (for Psion SIBO SDK)

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Sun Sep 19 16:30:56 CDT 2010

On 19/09/10 20:21, Michael Kerpan wrote:
> IIRC, most SIBO programming was done in OPL rather than in C. I'm not
> sure how much better performance native C offers over OPL, but I'd
> certain think it would be worth trying out before you go crazy looking
> for some long-gone C compiler...

Yeah, the attraction of C was basically that I already know the 
language, so I just have to learn the API. In theory, that shouldn't be 
hard with all the Psion SDK docs and some example code to play with.

And I'm lazy. If I don't have to learn a new language, I won't :)

Oh, and the Sibo SDK should (in theory) produce code which would work on 
my Acorn Pocketbook (the Mk1, not the Mk2, but I do have the serial 
cable and PSU). Said machine does *not* have OPL... :(

> Anyways, congratulations on the Workabout. I wish that there were
> still PDAs on the market that had the combo of super-readable screens,
> excellent keyboards and long battery life that Psion had back in the
> early 90s...

Heh, funny story. Another guy was arguing with the seller on price...

"I figure it's worth at least a tenner!"
"Are you mad, the batteries aren't charged. And there isn't even a 
serial cable with it!"

At this point I spot the Psion badge and pick the thing up... and 
realise what it is (in short: a Sibo organiser in a ruggedised case, but 
with standard ports). Serial port is straight RS232, with a TTL port 
next to it, IRDA on the bottom and a Psion LIF port next to that. Two AA 
Nicads to run the organiser (Psion seem to like those) and a CR1620 
Lithium to do RAM backup. At this point the other guy is still haggling. 
I figured ten quid was worth it, even if it was only good for parts value...

"What about two quid?"
"That's a bloody insult!"
"I'll take it for a tenner."
"Bah, you're mad! It'll never work!"

The AAs were already on my shelf (I keep a few charged Eneloops and 
several boxes of Duracell ProCell AAs and PP3s and Extralife Lithium 
PP3s on standby for multimeters, clocks and TV remotes) and the CR1620s 
didn't cost me a thing -- struck a deal with another seller for two 9Ah 
12V VRLA batteries, and he threw in a pack of 1620s for free.

That and the CCTV cameras makes this a pretty fun day. Always wanted to 
have a play with machine vision, now I have some cameras and just need a 
few C or CS-mount lenses... (seriously, half a dozen cameras at 50p 
each, there was no reason *not* to take the whole box).

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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