Help resurrect my Xerox Alto

Nick Allen nick.allen at
Sun Sep 19 09:20:10 CDT 2010

  Some GOOD news, at the Midwest VCF, Chris (from St Paul, don't 
remember last name) and Eric Kudzin were huge helps and took Jim S's 
recommendation and repaired the 5V Op Amp fixing the 5V issue and now 
the Disk Drive SPINS!  We still need to repair the CRT and diagnose the 
rest of the system, but we are making progress!!

Thank you Jim (for the amazing feat of properly diagnosing remotely via 
schematics) and thank you Chris and Eric for your endless hours of help 
at the VCF!'

I will keep everyone posted as we progress, Eric and I will be working 
over the next several months to restore the Alto!

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