Help resurrect my Xerox Alto

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Sun Sep 19 20:14:07 CDT 2010

<comes out from bushes>  ah, that was me.

Was a great time and really a blast to dig into the Alto.  We definitely
improvised, not having a stock of uA709 opamp on hand...  we just bypassed
that regulator circuit and stuck a 7805 there instead, which was pilfered
from Vince Briel's spare parts stock for his Altair8800micro kits.
Too much fun.

Good luck Nick and keep us posted.


On Sunday (09/19/2010 at 09:20AM -0500), Nick Allen wrote:
>  Some GOOD news, at the Midwest VCF, Chris (from St Paul, don't remember 
> last name) and Eric Kudzin were huge helps and took Jim S's  
> recommendation and repaired the 5V Op Amp fixing the 5V issue and now  
> the Disk Drive SPINS!  We still need to repair the CRT and diagnose the  
> rest of the system, but we are making progress!!
> Thank you Jim (for the amazing feat of properly diagnosing remotely via  
> schematics) and thank you Chris and Eric for your endless hours of help  
> at the VCF!'
> I will keep everyone posted as we progress, Eric and I will be working  
> over the next several months to restore the Alto!

Chris Elmquist

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