Apple II Killer App

Evan Koblentz evan at
Mon Sep 20 15:17:35 CDT 2010

> If you were the right age to be in school when they were full of Apple
> IIs, "Oregon Trail" was a big deal.  I was not, but folks I know who are now about 30-35 were.

It's weird: I am 35, and our school was all-Apple II, but we didn't have 
that game.  Actually we didn't have any games.  We learned AppleWorks, 
PrintShop, and BASIC.  All the game-playing was done at home.  
FlightSim, the Epyx olympic series, H2G2, games we wrote ourselves in 
BASIC, Pole Position, etc. ..... although I was addicted to a 
sword-fighting game called Swashbuckler.  Anyone remember that?

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