DiscFerret -- PCBs have arrived

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Mon Sep 20 19:56:20 CDT 2010

... Well, actually, they arrived at the beginning of last week and I 
didn't finish checking them against the netlist until today. My excuse 
is that my notes are all on Cougar (my laptop), which is currently 
refusing to boot without segfaulting in the kernel. Rather than deal 
with ASUS support, I replaced it -- the replacement (an MSI U230 named 
Ryoko) is far better behaved :)

Scanned images:
   Top:    http://www.discferret.com/images/discferret-pcb-top.jpg
   Bottom: http://www.discferret.com/images/discferret-pcb-bot.jpg

They seem to have come out OK. The solder mask is a little discoloured 
around some of the thinner tracks, but that's a cosmetic issue. It still 
resists solder, thus it's OK :)

For the pathologically curious:
   Substrate -- FR4 fiberglass, 1.6mm
   Track layers -- two copper, 1oz
   Surface finish -- looks like lead-free HASL or roller-tin. It's 
certainly not immersion tin or silver, the pads have roller marks on them.

It turns out I hammed the entry of the order, and managed to order two 
sets of three boards, leaving me with six PCBs in total, and an 
additional 130 Euro bill. Ick.

I'm still short of some parts (notably: the USB ESD suppressor chip, 
some pin headers, 7-pin SIL resistor packs and 10nF 0603 decoupling 
capacitors). A trip to the Farnell trade counter is being meticulously 
planned, as long as I can get someone to hang around the house and wait 
for my Rapid order to arrive (mouse microswitches... Logitech should be 
shot for using those nasty Omron things).

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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