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Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Sep 22 14:03:29 CDT 2010

> > Somehow, the absolute basics of even working with threaded fasteners have
> > fallen from the educational system, and people are re-inventing basic
> > normal techniques.
> > When is the demo on how to suck eggs?

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010, Jeff Walther wrote:
> My experience is that most folks don't know what one means when one uses
> an expression about sucking eggs.  I thought everyone knew the, "Don't
> teach your grandmother..." expression, but apparently familiarity with it
> is kind of rare.  At least around here.

But, . . .
is there a correlation (non-causal) between those who do not know the old
saying(s), and those who are re-inventing remedial basic techniques for
working with threaded fasteners?

In 30 years of college "professorship", I have seen obvious changes in
college students.
It used to be that I could start my OS class with "DOS est omnis divisa in
partes tres" and at least some of the class would understand the phrase
and the analogy.

Is the reduction in ability to spell, or differentiate homonyms, related?
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made a slightly variant one in case I ever have another British car)

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