[insert subject here]Stuff in the frig ? (was RE: Multimeter recomendations)

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 23 14:30:08 CDT 2010

This is the 84th entry in this thread, and it hasn't been on topic for at
least half that.  Can the next contributor please change the subject line?  

> > Do I? I've got projects that I've been working on for at least 10
> years :-)
> Yes, you do!
> I've got stuff in the back of my refrigerator much older than that.

Ahh.. evolution experiments, does it walk and talk yet ??

> I've got projects that I've NOT been working on for almost half a 
> century :-)

Woow, I don't have those.. I'm married ;-) 

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