Screwing around (Was: Multimeter recomendations

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Sep 27 13:29:32 CDT 2010

> Which is what I did--consider that the usual way has you pulling on 
> the vavle (toward you) to turn the water on--just what you don't want 
> if you're hands are full of sticky dough.  With the direction 
> reversed, you can bump the water on with your elbow.  Another benefit 
> is that the faucet handles don't protrude into the sink when the 
> water's on.

There's a customer toilet in a shop somewhere in the London area (I am 
tryuign to remembr where) where the washbasin has a pair of taps like 
this. It's fairly obvious which way you have ot move the levers when you 
want to turn them on (moving them the other way would push them into the 
wall), but every time I've used it, I forget which way is off and end up 
turning at least one tap on full-blast. Not that it does any real harm :-)

As a Physicist (at leat on paper) it annoys me that clod taps are 
coloured blue and hot taps are coloured red (at least over here). Red 
heat is a lot colder than blue heat to me :-) But the convention is so 
well-known that if I put my own taps the other way round, even I would 
get it wrong sometimes...


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