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Mon Sep 27 21:20:23 CDT 2010

On 9/27/2010 1:14 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Sep 2010, Charlie Carothers wrote:
>> I suppose there are some advantages to having been born in 1938.  :-)  I
>> still think the Erector set I got for Christmas when I was about 10 was
>> about the best present I ever got from my parents.  After they passed
>> away in 99, when I was cleaning out one of their storage buildings I
>> rescued it, and I still have what was left of it out in my garage.  The
>> last thing I built with it (a windmill) is out there too.  With the
>> little electric motor on the base driving it I'm sure those unprotected
> Lots of opportunity for minor finger damage in that open gearbox!
That is quite true, though I can't recall ever hurting myself with those 
either.  I have the feeling somehow that just tinkering with such things 
at an early age helped equip me to behave safely when later in life I 
worked around some much larger, much higher powered, and therefore much 
more dangerous open gear and drive belt situations.

> That was the blue mains powered motor with the attached red frame holding
> a bunch of gears on shafts that could be slid back and forth to enagage?
That sounds about right.  It is definitely mains powered, and I'm pretty 
sure the motor is sort of pale blue or blue/gray.  I think some of the 
color on the little frame that holds the gears may have faded quite a 
bit over the years and/or the paint peeled off.  The gears do slide back 
and forth on shafts, and ISTR there are set screws to clamp them where 
you currently want them.  I think there may be collars with set screws 
on the outside of the frame so you can move the shafts to different hole 
positions as well.
Charlie C.

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