HP 9816, and more, available in Eugene, Oregon

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Sep 29 12:31:40 CDT 2010

It sounds like there are people interested so these machines will be 
saved. Good! If someone here gets them, feel free to ask me how to 
upgrade the RAM (f they don't have 1Mbyte on the CPU board), etc.

> >  There's no internal mass stroage device, but you have an HPIB port 
> For some reason, I thought these came with 2 3.5" internal floppies.

I;ve enver seen a 9816 with internal drives. It's the same case as the 
HP120, HP150 (but without the enlarged top cover for a printer), etc. 
It's pretty tightly packed in there, there's no room for drives.

But one common system configuration for any of these machines consists of 
a turntable on the desktop, then an HP9121 or 9122 dual 3.5" floppy drive 
unit, and then on top of that a tilt unit containing the computer (which 
contains the CRT). That may look like an all-in-one machine with CRT and 
drives in one unit. 

I can't believe you made the other somehat common mistake of assuming the 
thing with a CRT in it is just a monitor and all the logic is in the disk 


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