Latest eBay seller BS

Teo Zenios teoz at
Thu Sep 30 00:31:15 CDT 2010

>> Same here.  On more than one occasion, if the item doesn't sell the
>> seller will relist it at a lower price.
>   ...but that's much less likely to happen if they know there's a lot of 
> interest in the item, which is exactly what you're showing him/her with a 
> large number of watchers.
>              -Dave

Happens all the time, they want the item to sell (relisting fees cost money) 
so they will eventually drop the price or just trash the item (if they think 
there is no market at all).

If you have a car for sale in your front yard and 20 people come to look it 
over in a month but nobody offers to buy it at your price you will 
eventually lower it to get rid of it (thinking the item is wanted but the 
price is just too high).

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