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> So I can see why Ebay has a fixed time limit. And I like it this way -
> I know when my auctions are ending, and can plan my life and business
> accordingly.

There are plusses and minuses to both kinds of system (fixed ending
date and sliding end date).  However, most of the buyers on ebay are
the general public and they have this "going going gone!" mental image
of auctions.  That mental image doesn't match ebay's exact auctioning
process, which is why sniping leaves a bad taste in most people's
mouths.  Ironically, its because people get burnt on sniping that they
bid early and "drive up the price" on the snipers.  To the snipers
that don't like those "incremental bidders", I say: tough.  You're
getting that behavior from people as a response to your sniping, so
just quit griping.
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